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About us

Thorough research, taking pride in all work and being professional are the key fundamentals we strive for in keeping our customers.

My name is Amar. With over 15 years experience in the Mobile Electronic Industry, you can rest assure the job will be done right the very first time. We specialize in alarm and remote start installations because we feel it is the most important aspect in this industry, not to mention the most challenging. Vehicles built these days involve more electronics. If an installer doesn't take time to do some research, they can end up with serious problems. To avoid that, we support only one field in Mobile Electronics.

 Not only do we feel this is the most important field in the industry but we also feel it is the most helpful. Knowing your vehicle is a little more secure or helping you save time on those cold bitter mornings are things we consider for all our customers. Therefore comfort is high on our list.

 We know that in this high-speed era we live in, time is very short. You need to spend time with the kids or start that long awaited project at home but really need a remote starter in the car. Not a problem. We offer on site installations. That's right, we come to you and install.

 You can rest assure that the services provided from us are a fraction of the price from that big named famous shops. Remember we specialize in auto security and remote starters so we have an advantage. We are very flexible with time and always try to accommodate you. Did I mention our famous guarantee?

 All installations are lifetime guaranteed. We guarantee this because every vehicle worked on is treated like our very own. No matter if the vehicle is new, old, dirty, clean, local or far away, all work is done the same way. We take pride in our work by prepping wires neatly, making strong connections and tie wrapping everything tightly.

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